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“Why would you go to such trouble to plan your Suffering with such excruciating detail? It doesn’t make sense, begging Your pardon, of course. Isn’t it enough that You will cleanse them of their sins? Why must you plan out Your own torture to the most insignificant details?”

This story will change your life. It certainly changed all of us on the podcast. Many thanks to Lisa Salinger for sharing her testimony! We truly serve an amazing God that knows how to meet us at the most intimate place of need in our lives. To Him Be The Glory!! Please tell all your friends about us and feel free to follow us on Twitter or send us an email with any questions. Also feel free to leave a comment here and be sure to check us out weekly or better yet, add us to your favorite podcast software!

March 13, 2013 by Mike Calvo | Comments (0) | Podcast | Testimony | Blind


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