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Hello again:
Well it’s the last teaching before the Holidays take over. All I have to say about this teaching is that you will certainly be challenged in your current way of thinking. We will continue posting teachings after January 8th. Those of you here in Orlando, please do come by and visit.

As always please make sure to ask the Holy Spirit’s Revelation on this topic.
The Scriptures I used here are pretty standard so i didn’t really use notes. Also I am really being lead more and more to get away from doing lots and lots of notes and just letting the Spirit lead the teaching.

Disagree? Well leave a comment.

Enjoy the teaching and please read the attached article. While I don’t agree with everything on this guy’s site, I do think he has Christmas right on and it’s important that you read this. BE WARNED you will never look at Christmas the same again.

Are Christmas Traditions Christian?
This is a pretty detailed article and it will take some time to read it. Please do read and pass on to your loved ones.

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