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Hello all:
This is the second and last part on the Hearing God’s Voice teaching. No notes for this one. It’s really easy. Turn to Luke 8:10-15 and you will have all the scriptures we covered in the lesson. Enjoy and be blessed.

January 15, 2008 by Mike Calvo | Comments (0) | God | Voice | lesson

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Hello all:
Well it’s a new year and here we are again!

Have you ever heard voices in your head? I mean just random thoughts that you really don’t know where they came from? Have you ever said “who said that?” Did you know that as believers we hear voices?
Well, here is a fun teaching that will give you the info you have always wondered about these voices in your head. I jump around a lot in this teaching so keep the notes handy if you want to make sure I am on track in the Word.
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Blessings and see you next week.

Hearing GOd's VOice Lesson 1
These are the notes for this teaching. To print them simply use the print feature in your browser.

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