I have been invited to the 16th Annual Prayer and Transformation Camp: AfriCamp’11. AfriCamp is a place where those who are thirsty can come and drink of the rivers of Living Water and seek the face of God. It is 10 days of seeking and teachings, and concludes with several days of prayer and fasting at Prayer Mountain for All Nations.

held January 12-21, 2011. The meetings will be held partly at Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda, situated in the heart of the city, and partly at the Prayer Mountain for All Nations, Seguku, Uganda (Entebbe Road).

I have never requested financial support of any kind for a mission or teaching trip however, this one is going to be kinda costly and the Lord has required me to step out in faith to raise funds. . I am believing the Lord to provide the approximately $3000 it will take for me to experience this encounter. Will you partner with me?

For 16 years, AfriCamp has gathered Christians from all nations who desire more than to just hear about God and revival; they are passionately committed to seek it and live it! It is a gathering of those passionate for God who thirst for Transforming Revival. The goal of AfriCamp’11 is to equip an army of people to carry revival wherever they go.

though personal revival is crucial, it is not enough to transform our nations. Revival comes when the manifestations of the powers of darkness are broken or weakened and the Holy Spirit is allowed to gain control over territories and people, bringing a greater manifestation of the Kingdom of God.

At AfriCamp’11, delegates will be exposed to the dynamics of revival and then be practically led to apply them so they become a reality in their lives, families, communities, churches, governments, businesses, media, and other spheres of influence in our lives.

No revival can come without the breaking or weakening of the powers of darkness over an area. Therefore, during the conference, the manifestations of the powers of darkness in our nations will be exposed so that we will be able to break them efficiently and irrevocably. We will see in parallel the life and mission of Christ, and how to allow the Holy Spirit to gain control over us and to be set apart for Him in order to become an Army of the Lord.

I invite you to stand with me and pray for the Lord’s guidance as I seek His purpose and support for this trip. While I will ask all of you to pray, I know that times are tight and it’s the holiday season. Please do not feel obligated but prayerfully consider how you can support the ministry the Lord has birthed in my family and me. As of this writing I have purchased my ticket and I am awaiting on raising funds for hotel and meals. God has continued to confirm, through various methods, that He is sending me and that this will be a life changing event for my family and me.

The email address for prayer requests or to send Paypal donations is mike@mikecalvo.com. You can read about Africamp at
http://www.worldtrumpet.com/missions/africamp-11-infokit.html and if the Lord leads you, join me on this life changing trip.

Blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and I look forward to your response.
—In His Service
Pastor Mike Calvo
Yesterday Today and Forever Ministries

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