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Anger is one of the strongest and most passionate emotions we will ever experience as humans. But, what are we supposed to do about our anger as Christians? Can we really feel righteous anger? If so, what does it look like? What are we to do when our anger gets the best of us? How does God see our anger, what is His view on the matter, and what does He want us to do about it?

Join us this week as we discuss this thing called "anger." You might be surprised at what we find.

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Well last week besides the rain the recording was trashed. This week we are back with a great teaching but the batteries died right at the end with about 5 minutes left. It ended on a good note but OOPS! Oh well. Enjoy the teaching I think you’ll be blessed anyway.
Please remember to invite friends and family to not only download the podcast but to also visit with us on Tuesday nights. Starting in the next few weeks I will begin teaching a Wednesday night class at Calvary Chapel South Orlando. We will be covering spiritual warfare. If you can’t make it to the classes, no worries, we will have podcasts of all the teachings.

until next week, BLESS YOU!

His Kingdom His Righteousness
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