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This week Jamie is out so it's just Lisa and me. We ask the question: What is the Holiday to You? All the books discussed on this week's podcast are available from in Audio Format. ! Please tell all your friends about us and feel free to follow us on Twitter or send us an email with any questions. Also feel free to leave a comment here and be sure to check us out weekly or better yet, add us to your favorite podcast software!

The history of Easter
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A Story of God and All of Us
A Story of God and All of Us: A Novel Based on the Epic TV Miniseries "The Bible" by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett
Pagan Christianity
Pagan Christianity?: Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices by George Barna and Frank Viola
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Veggie Tales: The Bunny Song

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Are these simply different words describing the same thing? Or is it deeper than that? In this week’s teaching we take a hard look at our faith walk and see how it compares to what scripture tells us about how the believer is supposed to live life daily.

Christianity churchianity and The Kingdom
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