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As the founder of The Blind Visionary, LLC, Mike has dedicated his career to inspiring audiences with his insights into resilience, innovation, and the power of technology to transform lives.
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Mike Calvo Speaking Engagements

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In an engaging recount at The Abbey in Orlando, Mike Calvo shares a remarkable story from his teenage years that epitomizes the theme of "Resolution." Faced with the dilemma of getting home safely after his friends had been drinking, Mike, though blind, is humorously nominated as the "safest" driver.

What follows is a hilarious yet eye-opening adventure involving a practice driving session on a church football field. This tale not only breaks down stereotypes but also highlights a critical resolution: the power of innovative thinking and the importance of making responsible choices under pressure.

Mike's story resolves with a deeper understanding of trust and the unexpected capabilities that arise when friends believe in each other, regardless of perceived limitations.
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What Sets Mike Calvo Apart

Mike Calvo stands out as a motivational speaker not only through his compelling storytelling and engaging presence but also through his deep personal connection to the topics he discusses. As a blind entrepreneur who has navigated both the challenges and triumphs of life with a disability, Mike brings authenticity and profound insights to his talks. His experiences as a CEO, advocate, and family man enrich his narratives, making them relatable and inspiring.

Mike's approach is characterized by his ability to blend humor with heartfelt messages, making complex issues accessible and resonant for his audiences. He challenges conventional perceptions of disability, emphasizes the importance of accessibility as a fundamental right, and showcases the invaluable contributions of individuals with disabilities to society and business.

With a background that spans technology, advocacy, and music, Mike is uniquely equipped to address a variety of topics with authority and passion. His Cuban-American heritage and life experiences also add a rich cultural perspective to his presentations, appealing to a diverse audience base.
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Here are a couple of organizations that have had the honor of hosting Mike as a speaker.

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Here's what people are saying
"Mike Calvo's talk on disabilities was a great learning opportunity for not only me, but the audience as well, since multiple people reached out to comment on how insightful and emotional he was. He is both a source of inspiration for those with disabilities and a great mentor on how others can navigate situations to include their disabled peers. He provided a completely new perspective on this topic that will definitely help educate my actions in the future!"
— TEDx
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