Summer is the time when everyone loves to be outside with friends and family, take vacations and clean out the garage. Well, ok, so maybe we're stretching things a bit with that last chore, but you get the point. We recognize that schedules change during the summer months, and The Blind Jesus Freak Podcast is making a bit of a change as well. Our podcast will be moving to a once monthly format for the next three months. We aren't setting a date in stone to record live for each month, so you'll need to check our Web site or follow us on Twitter to find out when our next podcast will record. We'd love to have you join us live, but we realize that many of you are unable to do so. If you prefer to listen to us using your favorite podcast software, be sure to check our feed regularly as we will certainly be updating our content. While you wait for the next podcast feel free to browse many of Mike's past teachings and even listen to some of the older podcasts.

Please remember that everything besides recording of the podcast will be the same so please don't stop sending us your prayer requests and comments. Thank you for your loyalty to this ministry.

May God richly bless you all, have a wonderful summer, and be a Freak About Jesus!

Please tell all your friends about us and feel free to follow us on Twitter or send us an email with any questions. Also feel free to leave a comment here and be sure to check us out weekly or better yet, add us to your favorite podcast software.

June 04, 2013 by Mike Calvo | Podcast | Summer