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This teaching actually came about after watching the movie The Bucket List with my wife on our (long over due) date night last weekend. How do we measure ourselves? Do we measure ourselves in how much we reflected Christ? Or do we measure ourselves on how much we reflect the cares and concerns of this world and it’s endless search for satisfaction.

Even though we search and search for something to fill us, nothing can take the place or fill the void that only Christ can fill. God wants all of you. HE wants to give you THE KINGDOM, and we want to settle for the momentary indulgences this world has to offer. Now before you think I am going to yell at you and tell you how submitted I am to Christ, and how YOU’RE NOT, let me assure you that this is a battle that I face in my own life each and every day as an executive and yes, even in the ministry.

If you visit with us live, remember, no study the week of the 29th. We will resume on February 5th. Well, enjoy the Podcast and as always please post your comments.

How Do You Measure Yourself
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The Bucket List
Review from Christianity Today

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