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This teaching actually came about after watching the movie The Bucket List with my wife on our (long over due) date night last weekend. How do we measure ourselves? Do we measure ourselves in how much we reflected Christ? Or do we measure ourselves on how much we reflect the cares and concerns of this world and it’s endless search for satisfaction.

Even though we search and search for something to fill us, nothing can take the place or fill the void that only Christ can fill. God wants all of you. HE wants to give you THE KINGDOM, and we want to settle for the momentary indulgences this world has to offer. Now before you think I am going to yell at you and tell you how submitted I am to Christ, and how YOU’RE NOT, let me assure you that this is a battle that I face in my own life each and every day as an executive and yes, even in the ministry.

If you visit with us live, remember, no study the week of the 29th. We will resume on February 5th. Well, enjoy the Podcast and as always please post your comments.

How Do You Measure Yourself
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The Bucket List
Review from Christianity Today

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While checking my email this morning I got a message from a good friend that prompted me to share a message about luck with 9 people within 96 hours and I would have “good luck.” This got me to thinking about why we Christians MUST believe in Blessings and not luck. I can’t believe the number of “believers” that dabble in this stuff and have no idea what they are doing to the heart of God. If we would just read our Word, we would find that our GOD wants to bless us perpetually.

What is the difference between luck and a blessing?

Webster’s dictionary defines luck as the “force that brings good or bad”. The ancient Greeks and Romans used to worship luck in the form of the goddess Fortuna. Her name even became another word for luck, ‘fortune’. A blessing is defined as “to invoke Divine Care”. The source of blessings is God Himself!

Luck is a pagan, non-Christian concept that views good or bad fortune — and success — as a tangible thing unto itself. Certain items, like rabbits’ feet, four-leaf clovers, emails and other forms of chain letters, and other “good luck” charms” are said to “bring luck”. Certain days, and even people, are considered “lucky”. Seeking “luck” is closely connected with superstition, which in turn connected to magic. According to this world view, humans are at the mercy of unseen powerful and uncertain forces that may help or hurt us.

A blessing is very different from the idea of luck. God is Lord of the world. A blessing asks for His Divine Protection and help. Whereas luck can be good or bad, a blessing is always good. God’s care for us and the world is called Divine Providence. This concern for us is grounded in love, and is personal and real. By extension the symbols of God, such as the Cross, religious medals, or phylacta (little bags of earth from holy places), are powerful when they are used not as “lucky charms”, but as signs that we believe in God’s power and protection. They are not sources of power themselves but only point back to God. Those who do not know God are trapped in a world that is full of fears and evil forces that they try to manipulate with magic and
superstition. Christians can look on life and not be afraid, for Christ has destroyed the power of evil. If we trust in Him and follow His ways, nothing can really harm us. Christians reject the very existence of the idea of “luck”. Attracting “luck” with a charm, a special day according to the zodiac, or other such things, is nonsense!

God's Promises to Abraham
Remember we were grafted in:ROMANS 11:17-18 But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive, were grafted in among them and became partaker with them of the rich root of the olive tree, do not be arrogant toward the branches.

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Hello again:
Well it’s the last teaching before the Holidays take over. All I have to say about this teaching is that you will certainly be challenged in your current way of thinking. We will continue posting teachings after January 8th. Those of you here in Orlando, please do come by and visit.

As always please make sure to ask the Holy Spirit’s Revelation on this topic.
The Scriptures I used here are pretty standard so i didn’t really use notes. Also I am really being lead more and more to get away from doing lots and lots of notes and just letting the Spirit lead the teaching.

Disagree? Well leave a comment.

Enjoy the teaching and please read the attached article. While I don’t agree with everything on this guy’s site, I do think he has Christmas right on and it’s important that you read this. BE WARNED you will never look at Christmas the same again.

Are Christmas Traditions Christian?
This is a pretty detailed article and it will take some time to read it. Please do read and pass on to your loved ones.

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Wow! What a time in THE LORD we had tonight. I must say I was excited about the turnout. We had a couple of new visitors and they promised to come back.

I really think that God is doing something in Hunter’s Creek and I am honored to be a part of it. Please continue to pray for the ministry and also don’t forget to email or call us with your own prayer requests.

I am off to Minnesota in the morning for a day trip for my job. I hope you enjoy the podcast and please do tell others.

Be blessed!

Prayer Lesson 2 Notes
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Effective Prayer Life
THis is a great book by Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel

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TOday was the first teaching at the community center. It was really a great time in The Lord! A bit sparse but, hey, not bad for a first night with little advertising. The Lord had whom He wanted to hear. Not to mention that the teaching was fun.

Do spread the word about the study and feel free to share the podcast. Remember to visit

Prayer Lesson 1 Notes
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